Transfinder Corporation was founded in 1988. Based in Schenectady, New York, the birthplace of innovation, Transfinder is a leader in logistics software, providing intelligent solutions to schools, municipalities and adult care facilities.

Transfinder develops routing, scheduling and fleet maintenance solutions for optimal transportation logistics.

Transfinder’s solutions are built upon Esri’s industry-leading mapping and geographic information system (GIS) technology to deliver superior location intelligence and logistics management solutions.


To provide superior value for our clients by delivering faster, safer and smarter solutions. Transfinder has built the safest, most efficient transportation management and communication solutions designed for school districts and municipal governments and their stakeholders. Transfinder combines its superior solutions with its award-winning service, establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with every client that is built upon respect, confidence, integrity and mutual trust.


Used extensively by more than 2,000 school districts and municipalities in 47 states, Transfinder is the industry leader in several states, including Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. The company also holds approved vendor status in Idaho and Illinois.

Recognized as one of the easiest and most intuitive tools for transportation routing, scheduling, planning and communications, Transfinder’s solutions enable school districts to provide:

  • Safe, efficient, and cost-effective student transportation;
  • Seamless GPS integration;
  • School Bus Routing;
  • Comprehensive field trip management;
  • Districtwide communications;
  • School Bus Camera integration; and
  • Online outreach to parents and the community.
  • Transfinder Open House
  • October 24th, 2019
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm
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